Bouquets, Topiaries, Potpourri and More

An herb garden is a wonderful source of decorations for your home.  During the warm summer months the fragrant greenery and charming flowers are a lovely addition to fresh bouquets.  If you are wise enough to dry part of your harvest, colorful wreaths, fragrant potpourris, and festive garlands will fill your house with warmth, color, and a subtle fragrance all through the winter.  These herbal decorations needn’t be complicated to be enchanting.  Even a simple terra cotta flowerpot filled with a generous bunch of dried lavender is a delight.  Here are some other tips to consider as your garden grows.

* In summer place a big pot of mint or basil on the sill of an open window.  As the breezes waft through the house, they will fill the air with a refreshing scent.  And if you can believe folklore, the herbs will also keep flies at bay.
* Use fragrant greenery such as crinkly mint; feathery dill, southernwood, or bronze fennel; or velvety lamb’s ears to enhance bouquets.
* Make a live herbal topiary to grace a mantel, set on a table, or scent the kitchen.  Or use dried herbs and flowers applied to a moss-covered shape for a year-round decoration.
* Blend dried herbs and flowers into potpourri.  Heap it in bowls, fill decorative glass jars (the bigger the better), or place it in a glass vase to anchor a dried bouquet.
* Hang bunches of dried herbs from a rack, pegs, or beams.
* Create a lush herbal garland to drape over a door or window, a painting, a bed, or even a mantle.
* Fill a basket with piles of dried roses, masses of dried marjoram, bunches of lavender or your favorite herb.
* Tie a bunch of lavender with a pretty ribbon and set it on a table.
* Make wreaths large or small to hang on the wall, the door, a window – or to use as a centerpiece around a large candle or as napkin rings.
Assemble a tussie-mussie, fresh or dried, and set it in a pretty container like a pitcher or a goblet.

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