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Enhancing the Visual Pleasure

I think almost every garden benefits from some sense of structure whether it’s designed to enhance and define the layout of the garden or simply create a focal point.  It might be as important as a retaining wall or simply a birdbath situated to draw your eye to
a particular spot.  Either way, the structure provides a sense of permanence as the plants change during the seasons.  The features could be purely functional, but will add more to the garden if they are decorative as well.  Here are some simple ways to add structure to your garden.

  1. 1.Incorporate any architectural element that is already in place -  the wall of a garage, a tool shed, or a pool house. 

  2. 2. Use a
    hedge, a fence, or a wall to define or create different areas of the garden.
3.Build a pergola to support climbing plants, provide shade, and give a sense of arc

4.Use arbors to transition from one section of the garden to another or to shelter a garden seat.

  1. 5.Focus attention on a special planting w
    ith the strategic location of a

birdbath or     sundial.

6.Place a sculpture, an oversized planter, or even a large boulder in the landscape to draw the eye to a particular spot like the end of a path o
r a secluded nook.

7.Add seating ranging from built-in stone benches to rustic twig settees to make the garden more inviting or to highlight selected spots.

8.Situate birdhouses so they contribute to the overall plan of the garden.  Line them up at the edge of the property or along a fence, or use them as a focal point in a formal layout.


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