An Easy Way to Save Face

Regular use of facial steams can do wonders for your skin, keeping it superclean, soft and smooth.  Used weekly, they deep clean and help refine pores.  Those with hypersensitive skin are the exception: they should avoid these treatments altogether.

Herbal face steams are readily available in store and on line, but  you can easily grow and mix your own tailoring the mix to your particular skin type.    No matter what the mix, the method remains the s
ame. Start with a clean face coated with a light moisturizer.  Place 1/4 cup of the herb mixture in a large bowl and pour 4 cups of boiling water over it.  Set the bowl on a table or counter where you can comfortably sit with  your face 8 to10 inches over the bowl.  Tent your head with a large towel so the steam can’t escape.  Don’t put your face too close to the steam.  Remain as long as you are comfortable, up to 10 minutes, letting the herbal steam penetrate your pores.  Rinse your face with cool water, pat dry, and moisturize.


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Herbs for Oily Skin                         Herbs for Dry Skin

1/4 cup  chamomile                          1/4 cup chamomile

1/4 cup lavender                              1/4 cup comfrey

1/4 cup lemon balm                         1/4 cup calendula

1/4 cup nettle                                   1/4 cup mint

1/4 cup yarrow                                 1/4 cup lady’s mantle

If you want to simplify, just use chamomile alone or with a few rose petals.  Both are gentle, calming, and good for all skins.

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